Hey Internet Fans!!!!!

Paul Drapeau (a.k.a. MUD) here. This is my very own web page and I'm still wet behind the ears with this techno, CYBER stuff. Sooo, bare with me and I'll try to keep this interesting (yea right!!) and up to date (oh, sure). Seeing that between school and work I actually have a NEGATIVE amount of free time,,,, you probably won't see too many changes here. But I will try. You can e-mail me and harass me to update this page, but it probably won't do you any good, or if you have comments, questions or concerns you can drop me a line: mud@execpc.com

Anyhow,,,,, here are some pics that you can right click on and "view image" so you can see more about me and some other folks. Also, you will find some links below that will lead you to more pictures.

#1 and #2: Amber and Maxwell, my real cool kids whom are ALWAYS on their best behavior.

#3: DEXTER BRACKET (guess which one is me)

#4: My frettless bass (some day I'll grow up to be just like JACO)

#5 John Wheeler and mystery guest

#6: Pull My Finger including the secret mystery guest